Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Evaluation Questions

Our product fits into the pop-music category, which has a large well defined base of common charecteristics and conventions, we had to decide weaather to convene to these forms and conventions or challenge them, we decided as the song is highly mainstream, that we should stick closly to the norm and not make anything to experimental. we wanted our video to look as close to the videos that are seen everyday playing on music channels as our artist is embeded deep within that target market.
  • camera work 
We used many close ups of the artists face and medium shots when we were including her dancing this is common throughout pop videos and is prevalent in other videos by our artist. one downside to this is that the video looks fairly static and as if its going nowhere, we tried to combat this by including a storyline including a lover which we cut back to repeatedly during the performance, this was supposed to create two linear attractions keeping the audience engaged, by not letting them watch the same shot for to long.
  • mise en scene 
We filmed the artist's performance repeatedly in different outfits so we could cut between them, adding a further dimension to our video, this helps to create the feeling of movement and keeps our video from looking like one long continuous shot.  We used some props in our  video for example a mobile phone, we did this to add a human touch to the characters,which lets the audience identify better with the artist. We also used props such as a cardboard box when the male character was leaving to add some realism to the scene.
  • editing

Our shots are all centered on the artists face framing her, this centralises her to the video aswell as keeping all the attention focused on her, this was achived in part through our camerawork, though was mostly done in the editing processby croping the video around our artist and moving her to the center of the shot.
  • sound 
the sound in our video was the track being played, we chose to include no other sounds or sound effects, as we felt it would make our project sound and feel less professional,


Our product fits well with the ancillary products we created to distribute with it, the digipack cover is influnced by our music video but not directly as this is not the title track of the album and we wanted the album to be more reflective of the artist than the song. Our magazine advert ties in well with our digipack and when presented together they look asif they are are meant to be a set.

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