Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Rough Cut feedback from Tanya.

As a rough cut, this has lots to credit it. The performance is good and appropriate to generic expectations and there are some good sequences of shot variety on Jade.

Things that you now need to work on are:

The initial lip sync doesn't come in quickly enough.
You need to 'cut through' the lines more ie. cut during a line back and forth from different coverage of the track.
The performance needs to include direct address to camera (the artist seemingly looking straight at the audience and singing to them) and more close ups of the artist.
You need at least two more complete covers of the track from Jade. One could be the close ups, possibly in the studio with different mise en scene, and one in a different location.
Test out some filters to put onto the footage. This is important within music videos. Also, there may be effects that would be appropriate for you to use. Ghosting/split screen etc.

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