Friday, 18 November 2011

Final Cut Music Video Feedback

This is our feedback from the class referring to Goodwin's Analysis...

1. The genre is well represented through variety of close ups of the artist and variety of performances are present. The location was consistent with the genre and fitted well throughout the video.

2. There was a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals. This was shown through the clips of the boy and girl narrative that we cut to throughout our video. The visuals are illustrative of the lyrics and this is what would be expected for this kind of track.

3. The relationship between the music and the visuals is shown through the cuts on the beat of the track and this was done fairly accurately and again fitted in well with the genre.

4. There was close ups of the artist and our video was performance based which fits the demand of the record label well. There is a good visual style throughout, therefore it is consistent.

5. We framed the artist for the audience so we didn't need any frequent reference to notion of looking.

6. There was no inter-textual reference throughout our video.

Other Comments....

  • Good editing, especially the shot transitions and the merging of clips at the end of the video
  • Good use of causal locations 
  • Split screen was visually engaging 
  • There was a clear progression from our rough cut

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