Sunday, 6 November 2011

Research Into Filters & Special Effects

The genre of music our song fits into is 'Pop' music which is highly mainstream. As a result of this Record labels are willing to spend huge budgets on promotion of which the music video is a integral component, to push their songs in the highly competitive market, where huge returns can be made from a successful album or artist.

Our artist Lady Gaga is signed to the Interscope record label, a giant in the American music industry, owned by the Universal music group and based in Santa Monica California, her videos therefore have huge budgets compared to songs released on independent labels and smaller record company's, however Lady Gaga has gone on record in an interview with In:Demand magazine saying "I would never spend that much on a music video. I would never say anythings a waste in reference to art, but I would give to charity before I would spend that much money on a music video." although her video for the song 'judas' is rumoured to have cost $6 Million dollars.

As a result of this the majority 'Pop' videos contain lots of special effects, which is a limitation in lower budgets films, though not always to their detriment,  in fact in some larger budgeted projects it feels as if there far to much special effects and it makes the video feel gimmicky and tacky. Lady Gaga's music videos are all very alternate and yet some are heavy with special effects and others very plain and real, an example of one of her songs which his a lot of effects and editing technique's is 'Born this Way'

In contrast to this the music video for 'bad romance' dosent have the amount of SFX of the previous one yet still utilises many filters to give it a professional clean look.

Filters can be used in the filming stage as filters on cameras to add a colour tone or in the editing stage as software filters on an editing program which are used to change tone,colour, shadow and other visual qualities.

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