Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Rough Cut review from P1-01

P1-02 Rough Cut Analysis

Faster cuts
More cuts especially for the last chorus, could easily incorporate shots from earlier choruses.
2nd walk at the end should be cut out, and go straight to bed shot for continuity.
Needs to fit music better, cuts on beats etc
Perhaps filters added, contrast etc because lighting is a bit dull.
Filter added to walking shots/memories?
Shots between present and flashback should have a special effect/transition.

Mise en Scene:
Worked well, good choice of locations and props.
Costumes also well chosen.
No complaints about this.

Some really good long shots and close up shots.
Not much movement but fits in with the song.
Camerawork would work better if the shots were cut and changed more often.

Genre Elements:
A lot of focus on the lead singer.
Good use of flashbacks to give context to the song.
Very sort of boy-girl song.. typical of genre.
Use of makeup created a nice effect.

Lip-synching was good, well timed, singer obviously learnt the words.
Acted performance was good, fitted the genre.
Could have benefitted from more movement.
Could have done with seeing male character more to make us understand why she’s singing the song.

What and how to improve:
Improve last chorus with extra cuts and faster shots.
Filters on flashbacks.
Shoot more footage of male character for backstory.

Love P1-01.

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