Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Self Assessment of Rough Cut

1. Editing
  • We need to perfect the lip syncing at the start of the music video. Apart from this we are really happy with the standard of our lip syncing
  • We think that the jumpy cuts that we put in where really effective, so we will add more of these in order to keep the audience entertained and interested 
  • We are going to add filters so some of our shots in order to create a more interesting final image

2. Mise-en-Scene
  • We think that the locations and costumes that we've used are realistic and appropriate for the genre

3. Camerawork
  • We have a good range of shots that we are happy with
  • We aim to add more close ups of the main artist, this will conform to the Goodwin's analysis.

4. Genre Elements
  • We have a number of performances which fits in with the genre
  • Also we portray a typical boy/girl relationship that is easily related to 

5. Performance
  • We're really happy with the standard of the performances of Jade 
  • We could have more performance to cut to for more of a jumpy effect to keep the audience interested
6. What and how to improve
  • We need to add more cuts within our editing to create more of a faster pace affect that will still fit with the video but be more visually engaging
  • We need to add more close ups

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