Sunday, 6 November 2011

Jade & Charlotte's Extra Editing Session

9/11/11 - We came into college to edit for two extra hours as we believe it would be beneficial for our music video. We realise that our rough cut can be instantly improved by short, quicker shots to help hold the audiences attention so we made sure this was one of our priorities of things to do.

In addition, we have added in more close ups as this is what frames the main artist and helps to cutaway from distant shots. We have also used them to show the emotions of the character more clearly.

We have carried out quality checks in our video editing so far and have looked at that the the lip syncing to make sure it is all synced and the shots are cut on the beat. As well as this we have added in more performance shots to add to our pop genre.

Next lesson we plan to carry on editing and will add filters and shot transitions to hopefully make our music video more representable of professional ones.

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