Friday, 18 November 2011

Final Cut Music Video - Own Asessment

Our own thoughts using Goodwin's Analysis...

1. The genre characteristics were shown through the close ups of the artist and the variety of performances we filmed. We also had direct address to the audience which helped to engage their attention.

2. There is a clear relationship between the lyrics and the visuals; the visuals illustrate the lyrics. This can be emphasised where we have the piece of paper saying 'I'm Sorry x' and then cut to the artist shown ripping the paper up, which refers to the line"I tried crossing out your words", so we think that this worked effectively. The whole music video features a narrative of a relationship that we are wanted to put across. For example, the scene where the girl is making the boy leave as she shuts the door behind him also fits with the lyrics ''

3. The clips were cut well in time to the beat and therefore the visuals illustrate the pace of the music. We think we have done well to have slower cuts from each shot on the verse's while then having more quick, shorter shot durations at the chorus as the music picks up pace.

4. We tried to ensure we used many close-ups in our music video as we realise this is an important element in professional music videos as well as having a strong performance element, which seems to have worked well and can show clear demands of a record label.

5. We agree that the way we have framed the artist can hold the audiences attention and this has worked well alone without having frequent reference to notion of looking.

6. There was no inter-textual reference throughout our video and we feel that this is not needed.

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