Saturday, 19 November 2011

Analysis of Real Magazine Advert

As are song "Second Time Around" is by the Lady Gaga, I have decided to look at one of her professional magazine adverts to get a feel for what is needed in our own product.

The images used in this advert are very bold and eye catching of the artist herself, by using two abstract photos artist it can show her daring and unique personality that she portrays through her music. Both images are in the colours black and white, although the top image stands out and has a greater impact due to the sharpness of the image. This is then contrasted by the picture below which is slightly faded so that the titles can stand out more.

I believe because the two photos have been made to look different to reflects on her personality that her audience will be familiar with. The top photo can portray her unknown side as an artist as her mouth is covered while the bottom photo can show her beauty.

The advert has a slight monochrome feel to it and is quite retro, again not many artists would use this black and white colour scheme as it doesn't have the bold effect that colour does. However, it can show that the artist is daring and is unique in her own rights.

Also the two images used in the advert are the varied album covers you can get when purchasing the CD, which shows the artist is giving her fans an alternative choice of which to buy. The artists name and the name of the album are very bold and stand out over the faded picture for consumers to clearly see when retailed. Although the text is very plain and simplistic, it still has a boldness about it which can catch the eye against the background colours.

The text contains the names of the songs on the album and where the album is available from, which is very small compared to the name of the artist I believe this is because they don't want the customers getting distracted from the more important elements of the advert. The quote from "Rolling Stones" is also easy to read and portrays the artist in a positive light.

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