Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Summary of Planning so Far

We have completed the following pieces of planning in preparation for our filming:

  • We have looked at similar music videos and broken them down using Goodwin's analysis
  • We also performed a Goodwin's analysis on two previous student music video projects
  • Listened to and produced a blog on a talk given by a professional music video produce, and a previous student.
  • Location Recce Shots, produce a blog with them 
  • attempted to contact the artist, to let her know we are planning on making a video for her song, and asking for her feedback.
  • Researched our artists target audience and genre specific connotations 
  • Researched a well known music video producer considered an 'auter'
  • Filming schedule 
  • Evaluation of our first filming period to assess what we could do better the next time 
  • Peer assesment, by another group, on our roughg cut for feedback

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