Friday, 16 September 2011

Initial Ideas for Second Choice Pitch

Our second choice is "Movie" by Jay Sean.

Our Initial Ideas

Music videos that have inspired us for this song are:

Twista Ft. Chris Brown - Make a Movie

The lyrics from this song are very similar to the lyrics of our second choice. This has inspired us on what to feature in the video. We can see from this video that they are in a rich location which implies the R&B genre well. This video can show a way we can interpret the lyrics from Jay Sean's 'Movie' without making the video inappropriate for our own project. We like the variety of shots used, with lots of miming to the camera for the performance element as well as close ups to focus on the main artists. We could also feature movie equipment as props to link the lyrics with the visuals as done so at the start of this music video.

Mise-En-Scene Ideas

Location - The R&B genre shows characteristics of money as a key theme in music videos, so we have decided that the best location would be:
  • A Grand House
However, as we know we are students making a music video on a less professional level we realise this will not be possible, so will need to choose a more assessable location. This may need to be filmed outside a cinema which will be more realistic as well as reflecting the lyrics of the song.

Costume -
  • Expensive looking clothing and jewelery
We chose this as we think it will help to reflect the genre of the song in the best possible way.

Props -
  • Video Camera
The video camera will help to emphasise the lyrics of the song while hopefully adding more visually engaging characteristics.

Lighting -
  • Bright
This will help to create a lively atmosphere while showing that the spot light is focused on the main artist.

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