Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Analysis of Previous Student Music Video 2

13R1-17 Music Video

Using Goodwin's Analysis
1. The music video demonstrates good hip hop genre characteristics and I think the group has chosen appropriate locations to exaggerate this, for example the streets and the background of graffiti. The choice of casual costumes and the wearing of a hoodie/headphones can also help to imply the genre well.

2. There is no clear link between the lyrics and the visuals but this doesn't seem to matter as the lyrics are very faced paced and hard to distinguish so focusing the visuals on the artists has worked well anyway. Therefore I think that the lyrics and visuals amplify each other.

3. One of the best features of the video is the link between the music and the visuals. I think that the groups strongest point has been the editing and I like the reversing of the artists steps with the sounds of the scratching in the music. The music has also been edited so the visuals are cut on the beats of the song.

4. There is a good variety of shots that concentrate attention on following the steps of the artists around a typical hip-hop setting. There is also the use of performance at the chorus as the artists mime to the camera while showing typical rapping movements which occur in professional music videos.

5. There is some notion of looking as we see what the artists are looking at while following their steps around the street settings, for example the tatoo sign and the everyday people, which adds a nice element to engage the audience.

6. There is no inter-textual reference to any films, TV programmes or other music videos.

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