Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Analysis of Previous Student Music Video 1

13U1-44 Music Video

Using Goodwin's Analysis 
1. There is a performance of the band singing and playing the song, which demonstrates the characteristics of the Indie genre. The use of the instruments as props can also reflect the genre well. The typical Indie characteristics look as though they are done on a lower budget which has worked well in this video due to the casual setting and costumes of the band.

2. Although there is not a clear relationship between the lyrics and the visuals they are not contradicting each other and seem to fit well together, therefore we think that the lyrics and visuals amplify each other. There is some references to a girl in shots where the lyrics say 'Emily' but the group has chosen to not have a clear narrative represented by the lyrics.

3. The way that the music video has been edited fits really well with the jumpy beat of the song. This is mainly shown through the split screen effect that the group have used. Each split shot appears as visuals on the beat of the music which works well. Therefore the music and the visuals are illustrative of each other.

4. The group have done well to include a wide range of shots. There is many close ups of the boy artist in the video which helps to engage the audience with the main singer. The performance of the band all performing together with instruments is one of their best elements as this adds a nice contrast to the shots of the band casually chilling around together in other shots.

5. There is some notion of looking in the video, for instance when the band are featured in more casual shots like playing games on the TV, we are shown shots of what they would be seeing. There is also close ups of the girl characters which may be from the point of view of the boy characters.

6. There is no inter-textual reference to any films, TV programmes or other music videos.

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