Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Analysis of 2 Real Music Videos

 One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

1.  The music video is within the Pop genre, it appeals to audiences of all ages and genders as its a mainstream style featuring a consistent and noticeable rhythmic element. However, it does not feature typical genre characteristics such as a dance routine, but performance is definitely present.

2. The main relationship between the lyrics and visuals is that they are illustrating the girls that they are singing about to amplify their beauty which matches the chorus lyrics 'thats what makes you beautiful'. The artists are dancing around with the "beautiful" girls on a beach which amplifies the link between the lyrics and the visuals. The beach setting is also used as a symbol to portray the beauty in which the artists are singing about.

3. The relationship between the music and the visuals is that the visuals are shown through cutting quick shots on the beat to reflect the fast pace of the song. There is also longer shots which hold the on screen visuals while the music has a slower pace.

4. Within the video there is many closeup shots of the band as individuals as well as shots which include the whole band together as a group, something which may be a demand of the record label and may occur in future when the bands produce more songs.

5. There was no notion of looking such as screens within screens or telescopes, but there was shots which showed them actually looking at the "beautiful" girls and engaging what they are seeing with the lyrics.

6. There is no intertextual reference to any films, TV programmes or other music videos within the video.

JLS - The Club Is Alive

1. R&B/POP Genre characteristics are displayed by the typical boy band having a dance routine for the chorus and the video typically displays money (nice cars) and women.

2. The main relationship between the lyrics and visual is that they are in the club setting in which they are singing about, in the club and they sing about the dance floor, the DJ and women which are all featured within the video.

3. The main relationship between the music and visual is that there is an upbeat dance routine featured which fits with the fast beat of the music. The shots are faced paced and are cut on the beat of the music throughout the song.

4. There is close ups of the individuals and group shots, as well as clear motifs of dance routines and the showing of the stomach muscles which are present in most of their music videos. 

5. Voyeuristic treatment of the female body is also present throughout, it is shown by females in revealing clothes dancing around seductively.

6. The chorus lyrics show a reference to the song 'The Hills Are Alive' from the film 'The Sound of Music', however there is no other reference to any of the other elements within the film.

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