Friday, 30 September 2011

Notes on Amar & Arron's Talk

Be realistic. think about what you need in the location (things around you) and make sure all locations are close together. Take into account things like the weather and lighting.

  • The first 30 seconds have to be visually engaging so your audience will continue to watch. However do not give everything away. 
  • Not every lyric needs to be represented. (Lyrics to visual)
  • Stick to a timed schedule on your day of filming but if you have extra time, shoot extra shots.
  • Shoot your performance 4-5 times using different angles.
  • Make sure before you go to your location that everything is planned so all you have left to do is shoot. 
  • Make sure it is achievable, don't over complicate things.
  • Avoid making a mini film.
Blocking Out:
Map out the scenes, work out where you are going to place the camera in each shot to find the best angles which then leaves more time for creativeness and organisation.

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