Friday, 16 September 2011

Initial Ideas for First Choice Pitch

The song that we would like to use is "Second Time Around" by Lady Gaga.

Our Initial Ideas 

We have chosen previous music videos that have inspired us for our own work. We plan to include characteristics of professional videos to ensure we produce a realistic music video.

Beyoncé - Irreplaceable

This video shows the song from the girls point of the view but also features shots of the boy in the relationship which helps to highlight the lyrics of the song and relate these to the visuals on screen. It is clear the relationship portrayed shows that the characters are having problems which is something we want to use in our own video. We liked the use of quick shots changes on the beat of the song which helped to maintain our attention throughout. There is also a good variety of shot types used, with many close ups to engage the audience with the artist. We also felt inspired by the performance given by the artist, such as miming to the camera and the movement of the artist while singing to give more for the audience to watch and therefore making it more visually entertaining which is something we want to create.

Ne-Yo - Mad

This video inspired us for different reasons to the last video, here we felt inspired by the start of the video which portrayed an argument between the couple. This set the mood from the very beginning and allowed the audience to notice the tense atmosphere. This was also amplified by the video being in black and white as this helps to emphasise the tense and uncomfortable mood, this is something we could use our self as we want to concentrate on a broken relationship. Looking at the lighting used we can notice that is is very dark and gloomy which is also used to reflect the mood of the characters. We also liked the casual settings of the music video such as the living room/bedroom setting as these could easily be used in our own video.

Mise-En-Scene Ideas

Location - We want to match the lyrics to the visuals so we have decided that the best locations for this will be:
  • House - Bedroom/Living Room
  • Park - Bench
These are very casual settings as we want to keep the attention focused on the relationship which should be emphasised by the help of our chosen locations.


Costume - Here we want to create a realistic image of the characters so that the audience can relate to them:
  •  Casual clothes 
We know that we want to display the typical relationship problems between the characters so have decided that keeping clothes casual will help make our video more realistic for the audience.

Props - We will use these to help convey the narrative, feelings and mood:
  • Notebook to show a message from the boy character
  • Photos of the characters
  • Mirror for singing into

Lighting - This is important to convey the right atmosphere which will help to emphasise the relationship emotions:
  • Gloomy lighting to portray the mood created which is sad and tense
  • Bright lighting for the performance element and shots of the artist alone
Ideas for Narrative 

The narrative that we want to get across to our audience is a broken relationship between the two characters. It will focus on the girl 's point of view including conversations and thinking back to their past. For shot types we will use close ups of the girl miming to camera to show her feelings and then we will use wide shots of the couple having arguments and being together beforehand. There will also be shots of photographs to look back on previous good times and the notebook will help to emphasise the girl's feelings further.

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