Friday, 7 October 2011

Mise en Scene Reseach: Beyoncé - Irreplaceable

I have decided to view the mise en scene used in the song Beyoncé - Irreplaceable, as this video is similar to the narrative and performance characteristics that we plan to use in our own video. I want to see how professional mise en scene is created and will then look at how we could interpret these ideas into our own video.

- House
- Dressing room

- Nail file
- Rollers
- Box for males stuff
- Car
- Mirror
- Stall
- Instruments

- Casual in relationship scenes
- Dressing up in heels and rollers for performance scenes

- Dimmed lighting to portray tense mood
- Natural lighting outside
- Lighting from behind to emphasise artist

Although this mise en scene was created in on a high budget, I believe that these elements can be created for our own project and we plan to experiment with this further.

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