Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Auteur Theory - Michel Gondry's Videos

The French film theory created by André Bazin can be applied to many forms of media today, e.g. films, music videos, television programmes and others. The film director Tim Burton would be an example of an Auteur as he distinctly creates weird and wonderful movies with similar styles, effects and recurring themes, for example Alice in Wonderland.

I have decided to look at some of the creations of Michel Gondry, Director of a wide range of music videos for groups and artists including The White Stripes, The Foo Fighters and Kylie Minogue. After watching some of his music videos I strongly concluded that he was an auteur due to the style that seemed constant throughout the videos that he had directed, conveying that he had been given the authority and control to make the decisions for the video, the filming, framing and its main direction.
For each of the videos I noticed there were recurring themes and a wide range of similarities in styles. These featured effects, camera angles, cuts and movements even though the videos were different genres.
It seems that the videos all had an unconventional nature to them, giving them a sense of the unknown and slightly out of this world. In addition there were references within some of the music videos where there were dream states and the real world being framed and set in a different way either using colour or setting to differentiate them.

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