Friday, 7 October 2011

Mise En Scene Research

We have found that typical locations for our type of music video is normally based on the narrative of the song. For example, Beyonce - Irreplaceable; this was set at a home location shared by the couple. This is something that we could be easily portray, so ideas for this could be a home location which is easily accessible at one our own houses.

Our narrative will also look the relationship between the couple so we plan to use intimate locations that we know the audience will able to relate to. For example, the park and a restaurant are things that are usually associated with couples. Ideas for this is locations around Cambridge, such as Jesus Green. The college also has a green area with a bench at the back of the building, which could work well as this is easily assessable and we wouldn't need permission.

We plan to use casual everyday props in our video that can help to explain the narrative further. The type of props we will use have also featured in professional videos, so we believe these will be beneficial for us. These will include objects that help to make the narrative feel more realistic and helps the audience relate. Props will include; mobile phones, boxes for the males stuff, notepads, make-up, e.t.c...

Casual costumes work well with this type of music video. Similarly to the props it helps create a life like situation that can be related to. Costumes tend to be everyday clothing, nothing extreme or over the top but just simple as this aspect doesn't need to over power the narrative, just fit in with it well.

As the female artist is key for the video, we have chose to use casual costume for the flashbacks which will then be contrasted in the performance aspect; where the artist will be seen more dressed up to add emphasis on her while she is miming to the camera, and making her a noticeable key element in the video.

Natural lighting for flashbacks makes the shots more casual and we think this will work well to portray the relationship in a realistic manner, however we have considered adding a black and white filter as this is something that we have noticed in professional videos.

For performances, brighter lights created through higher contrasts shots may be more effective to use to enhance the artist and show a clear break from the narrative.

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