Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Video Genre & Characteristics

Our video 'Second Time Around' fits within the pop genre. To make sure we include the key characteristics of the genre I have deicded to research into what professional pop videos include to make the video a success.

Definition - Pop is usually understood to be commercially recorded music which is often oriented toward a youth market.

Characteristics -
  • An aim of appealing to a general audience, rather than to a particular sub-culture or ideology
  • An emphasis on craftsmanship rather than formal "artistic" qualities
  • An emphasis on recording, production, and technology, over live performance
  • A tendency to reflect existing trends rather than progressive developments
  • Much pop music is intended to encourage dancing, or it uses dance-oriented beats or rhythms
Previous Music Video from the Artist -

Poker Face by Lady Gaga is known to be of the electro-pop genre.
Using Goodwin's Analysis
1. The song shows the general characteristics of pop music with performance being a strong element. There is the use of dance routines by Lady Gaga and also many close ups of her miming to the camera.

2. The lyrics of the song match with the visuals literally and metaphorically. There is the use of a real poker game with cards used as props which contradicts the metaphorical meaning where there is voyeuristic treatment of the female body to emphasise the lyrics. Lady Gaga is shown wearing minimal clothing to imply this further.

3. There is also links between the music and visuals as the typical genre features dance-oriented beats which are cut with the visuals with the pace of the song.

4. The demands of Lady Gaga's record label means there is the use of many close ups and miming to the camera within the video. There is also the use of dance routines which are present in many of her existing videos.

5. There is no reference to notion of looking, instead the video concentrates all attention on the artist.

6. There is no inter-textual reference to any films, TV programmes or other music videos.

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